catherine 1st (3)As an Integrative Psychotherapist I work not just with your words and with the feelings and impulses that arise through our working together, but also with your sensations, images, and your body experience, which can reveal a truth beyond the limitations of language. 

The work may include Biodynamic massage ,a specialist form of massage that addresses both the body and mind. Biodynamic massage can be used to support a psychotherapeutic process or as a treatment to be experienced in its own right.

I have found the most important ingredient in therapy to be the relationship we create together, the feeling of trust that develops from feeling truly listened to in an atmosphere of deep acceptance.

In an initial session I will ask you to say a little about your life and your medical history and we can explore together which approach feels right for you. The work can be short or longer term depending on the issues you wish to address.

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost £45 – £55. Some concessions available.

To find out more or to book an initial session, contact Catherine.