Biodynamic Massage

While having the benefits of traditional massage- relaxation, and the easing of pain – Biodynamic massage is also suited to those interested in exploring the mind-body connection, whether it be for insight into specific bodily issues, or as a means to self-discovery and change.

There are several forms of Biodynamic massage. Some aim to soften the tightness in the muscles, to encourage more aliveness and feeling in the body. Some aim to contain and integrate when a person might be feeling too sensitive or overwhelmed. Others help to increase energetic awareness, and to encourage expansion and strengthening. Different techniques and levels of touch are used to suit each person’s needs and body type, and the massage will be tailored to their needs on the day.


What makes the depth of biodynamic work possible is the relationship between the therapist and the client. The development of trust is important as it provides the safe space necessary for insight and healing to occur.

Unique to Biodynamic massage is the therapist’s use of an electronic stethoscope to monitor the sounds of the digestive system. This provides crucial diagnostic feedback and guides effective treatment. Unlike more traditional forms of massage, the therapist uses no oil or powder. The contact is skin to skin, through light clothing or other covering.


Biodynamic massage was first developed in Norway in the 1960s by Gerda Boyesen. Working as a clinical psychologist, she became interested in the connection between mental health and bodily experience, and began using massage in her clinical practice. Gerda Boyesen is recognised internationally as a pioneer in the profession of body psychotherapy.

Central to Boyesen’s work was the importance of the gut-brain axis and its regulatory function in the nervous system. She discovered that the digestive system not only takes in, digests, processes and assimilates food, but also emotional experience. Biodynamic massage is designed to help us literally digest our stress, not just in our minds but also in our bodies.

Anyone can benefit from Biodynamic massage.

Biodynamic Massage can be particularly valuable for those with psycho-physiological or stress related symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia, depression, musculoskeletal pains, or circulatory problems; all of which are symptoms of an imbalance in the body’s natural self-regulation. It can also help calm the nervous system at times of acute anxiety and stress.

You don’t have to be ill to benefit from biodynamic massage. Bio-dynamic is a life enhancing flow that nourishes the body, building capacity and zest for life. Bio means life, dynamic– force.


Sessions take place in a warm and comfortable environment, ensuring a safe and nurturing space.

Whilst one off sessions are possible, biodynamic massage is most beneficial if given over a course of a minimum of six weeks. This is related to how emotional holding in the body tends to soften as you become increasingly familiar with the touch of the therapist and the flow of a Biodynamic Massage.


You can read a little more about Biodynamic Massage on the Association of Biodynamic Therapists website  but the best way of finding out if this work is for you, is to contact me for more information or to book an introductory appointment. Sessions last one hour and take place in Lewes, East Sussex.