Body and Mind in Psychotherapy

The fundamental vision guiding this way of working is of body, mind and psyche being intricately interwoven and connected. Whether you are struggling with aspects of your life which impact on you physically or emotionally, I believe that an approach which addresses all aspects of yourself, will be more beneficial.

People often come to psychotherapy when their usual ways of dealing with problems are no longer working. Common themes which bring people to psychotherapy include;

  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • depression
  • poor concentration or sleep problems
  • difficulties with personal relationships or in social or work groups
  • suffering from loss or a traumatic event
  • finding it difficult to move forward due to experiences or relationships in your past
  • addictions
  • loss of meaning or purpose in life.

You don’t have to be in crisis to benefit from psychotherapy. It can also be a powerful tool for personal growth, and is increasingly used by those of us who want to understand our own behaviours and emotional reactions better. Tackling problems with a trained professional can enable us to function better as human beings, be more resiliant, more open, and better able to form meaningful relationships.

Why work with the body?- Body Orientated Approaches

Emotional feelings are also processes happening in the body, and should leave no trace in the body once they have been expressed. But repressed emotions stay held in the body, unconscious and unrecognised, resulting in stress and other psycho somatic symptoms, and may impact on our behaviour and relationships.

Working with the body, both directly and with the imagination, gently re-awakens these past experiences so you can resolve them, both in your conscious mind and by literally digesting them  (psycho-peristalsis) in your intestines and in your body.

Psychotherapy sessions can vary, depending on need and interest and what presents itself, but all sessions will include some form of ‘tuning in’ to what’s happening in the body.