Body and Mind in Psychotherapy

An integrated approach recognises the connection between repressed emotions and health – physical, emotional, and mental. Stresses, strains, tensions and traumas held in the body can, over time, give rise to problems and illness. The effects may be physical, for example back pain, insomnia, digestive problems, migraines, and/ or emotional – anxiety and depression.

Integrative psychotherapy works on the physical, emotional and cognitive levels to bring more energy into the body, express held emotions, bring the nervous system back into balance, at the same time reconnecting with your authentic needs, inner voice, and the joy of being alive.

What makes the depth of work possible is the relationship that develops between us: an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, in which you can feel safe to explore whatever issues may be troubling you.

Psychotherapy can be supportive if:

You are experiencing times of emotional stress and anxiety.

You find yourself easily overwhelmed by life and its challenges.

You feel tired, depressed or cut off from the aliveness within you.

You want to deepen your connection with yourself and others.

You are suffering from insomnia.

You have particular relationship difficulties or are suffering from the effects of bereavement.

You are suffering from a range of chronic illnesses- such as ME and digestive problems.

“And the day came when the need to remain closed became more painful than the risk to open”  – Anais Nin